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11/6 Entries Close For Norwell Park Training and Track Day

Driver Training & Practice Norwell Park 8.00am

18/6 Norwell Park Training and Track Day

So this is the big one for the year: An all-day driver training and track event at Norwell Park, just off the M1, south of the Logan River. For most, it's close, it's all day, it's on the weekend, and it's a training opportunity. It's what you have been asking for.

You can bring your daily, your track car, or your race car*. You can be on your "Ls" or even a junior!

Norwell has a shady, grassed area that's great for spectating too. There are no club runs on that day: what will you be doing?

What's on offer?
It will be similar to a regular track day, with DIY timing: 5 or 6 groups of eight cars, of which two will be training groups. Sessions will include 5 hot laps. Each group is expected to progressively self-organise, moving the faster drivers to the front. Cars in each group are numbered 1-8, 9-16 etc and start in that order. If someone catches or overtakes you in a session, you swap (magnetic) numbers for the next. It's a simple but effective system.

Norwell is very nice to drive: not particularly high speeds, but many tight corners, and a couple of challenging sweepers. Last time I was there, all the turn-in points were thoughtfully marked by witches hats, and with just eight cars per group, there was plenty of room. If time permits, we might also get a quick go on the Skidpan. I was too knackered to do that last time, which says something about how much full-on driving you get.

The club will provide lunch for all drivers, and there is a nice picnic or indoor area for everyone to use.

What sort of training is there?
We have engaged the Skid Control team to assist with running the day, including some driving theory, follow-me and do-as-I-do style training for up to 16 drivers, and un-timed practice for everyone else. The team is also available for off-track advice, and everyone is encouraged to attend the theory session.

Skid Control's approach is to go fast slowly. In the morning, after the theory session, each of the training groups will receive follow-me type guidance and the starting order will be varied to reduce the "Chinese Whispers" effect. Each session will be paced a little faster than the previous.

After lunch, the format changes to follow-me on demand. The trainer will drive amongst the group, dropping back through the group until the car behind flashes headlights indicating "please show me how again". One guided lap follows, then the trainer will again drop back through the group.

Who can attend?
We need forty drivers for this event, so club membership is not required. Entries will be accepted in order of payment, and capped at 48 entries. There are 16 places in the guided training groups, and these are prioritised for club members.

The event is also open to younger and L-plate drivers. These will be assessed on the day and will probably need to be accompanied by a responsible adult e.g. Mum or Dad.

*What car can I bring?
Well... just about anything! Your car needs to track-safe, not leaking, and below the 75dB@30m limit required at Norwell. It does not need to be road registered. No scrutineering will be conducted, but any car may be refused if deemed unsafe. As always, other makes are welcome, though naturally I expect MX-5s to be the dominant species.

What else do you need?
You need to wear neck-ankle-wrist cotton clothes, and closed-in shoes. Many people wear jeans, a long sleeved top and leather shoes. You will need an AS198 or higher approved helmet. Almost any motorcycle helmet will be OK. Other than those things, bring a healthy attitude. You do not need race suits, gloves or fireproof undies.

What licenses do you need?
Just bring your regular driver's license or permit. No CAMS or RACERS license is required.

Other stuff you need to know
Timetable: See side box
Lunch: Noon-ish, for 30 minutes. The Club will provide basic sandwiches, fruit, and drinks. With any luck, there will be a coffee van a some point.
Catering: Nothing on-site except vending machines and instant coffee
Alcohol: Absolutely no alcohol permitted. It's a send-off offence.
Multiple entries: Two drivers can share one car unless more than 45 entries are received.
DIY Timing: No official timing will be conducted. Use your own if you like.
Passengers: There are no passengers, except for juniors or L-Platers under supervision. There is no in-car training.
Discounts: No member's partner rates on this event. The club will subsidise the event a little, and feed you, but this is the most expensive event this year, by far.

And speaking of money...
Trackday only: $230 per driver
Trackday + training: $250 per driver
Fees are payable direct to the club. Your entry is not confirmed until I have sighted your payment in the bank, and places in the training group will be awarded in order of payment.

How to register?
Click one of the Register Now buttons. This will open an on-line form to complete. Registrations close Sunday 11th June.

Please make payment to the club bank account .
     Bank: Commonwealth
     BSB: 064 000
     Acct: 10002256
     Name: Mazda MX-5 Club of Qld Inc
     Reference: Please use "TD4 Yourname"

Need more information?
Feel free to contact me. Reply to this email or call me on 0406 780808.

Kind regards,
Adam Shipway
2016-17 MX5CQ Competition Secretary

11/6 Entries close
18/6 Trackday!
   8:00 Driver's briefing
   8:30 Theory session
   9:00 On track
   12:00 Lunch (30m)
   12:30 Back on track
   16:00 Event finishes
    $230 Trackday only
    $250 Track+Training
    MX-5 Club of Qld Inc
    BSB: 064 000
    Acct: 10002256
    Ref: "TD4 Yourname"

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