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Come one, come all, to see just where your
water supply comes from.

May's run involves a great drive between three
of the best dams in South East Queensland.

We begin our journey at Hinze Dam – it’s worth
arriving early to take in the view from the visitor
complex or perhaps enjoy a hot beverage
from the View Café. 

The morning tea stop at – you guessed it – a dam,
is BYO only. After a chance to catch up with friends
old and new, it is on to our final destination…
what a surprise, another dam!

Lake Moogerah offers some fantastic views with
plenty of space to roll out the picnic blankets
(or chairs, if you prefer)
and enjoy a relaxed BYO picnic lunch

or perhaps pick up a burger
from the local, The Dam café.

We thank Tom and Lorinda Dressler
for not acquiring a copyright for this run.

Ralph Waddington
Chapter Leader Gold Coast                       
Mobile: 0438 280 601




Hinze Dam
Lower Car Park
100-120 Advancetown Road

Google map

Meet at 09:00am 
for 9.30am start

Sunday 26th May 2019.

Morning Tea:
BYO only

Bring chairs or picnic rug

Finish: : 
Lake Moogerah
Moogerah QLD 4309

RSVP is essential 
by Wed 22nd May, 2019

This run was organised by Trevor and Helen Dixon  , and comprised of only 12 cars , but turned out to be a fun day with funny people  ,driving fun cars. The group assembled in a deserted car park at Hinze Dam , where Richard & Pat Farley were enticed into the only disabled parking spot , whereby a disabled label was placed on their car for legal purposes.

It was immediately decided that Pat was disabled , and that Richard was her disability !!.

Kevin & Suzanne Barnes arrived in the red rocket , with Suzanne in the drivers seat and Kevin relegated to passenger and co pilot.Kevin looking SO fashionable in his Tan coloured nylons. Last but not least to arrive was Ryan Cullen, who was warmly welcomed by all present with ,"Did you bring scones " ?. After a talk given by Ralph & Janelle Waddington we left in 2 groups of 6 .

On our way we passed through the little town of Canungra , where the bikers watched us trundle past with obvious envy !?

Our morning tea stop was Wyaralong Dam , on a beautiful sunny day , where we all enjoyed a covered table of Ryan's triple chocolate brownies and Helen's crunchy biscuits along with Mary Buxton's egg sandwiches.

During this feast tragedy struck , when Janelle Waddington stepped back on a rock , and fell , base over apex on the ground , (OH DAM ) as this happened the cup of tea she was holding came down on her in what could best be described as a "tea shower" . As you can imagine , everyone immediately rushed to grab cameras and photograph this event , however unfortunately  she regained her feet before anyone got a snap !.

We departed for our next drive though the beautiful country side along the Boonah Rathdowney Rd  where we encountered a long stretch of roadworks which reduced to one way traffic involving a long wait at the red light .(OH DAM)

During this wait , we could all hear one member of the group , Ray Jowett , who seamed to be sitting in his car 🚗Alone  ( DAM, no Carol today ,we missed you today Girl.) But at the same time dancing to rock& roll music ?.

Next we passed through Boonah , and traveled through picturesque countryside towards our lunch destination of Lake Moogerah Dam . On the way Mary Buxton screamed out as we spread around one bend in the road (" Loook out ., cattle on the road , we'll all be be killed"). Luckily all 6 cars went past unharmed  before she finished the sentence !.

At the Dam we all assembled at one double table , and enjoyed a picnic lunch , where we were entertained by local wildlife squabbling over our food scraps. 

It was here we witnessed Janelle nursing her ankle with ice pack ,( another chance for attention)  while Ralph showed his concern sitting back sipping his tea . At the end of the day no animals or cars were harmed , but some people were traumatised. 

It was a great day with great people !. Oh , and great cars .

Photos to follow.

Cheers John & Mary. 

This is a piece of fiction , written by John , not Mary , (I did help a little)

Thank you Helen and Trevor for DAM great day.