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Howdy Guys n Gals,

We here at the Darling Downs MX5 Chapter have come up with another awesome adventure for you to participate in, so put on your driving shoes and come check out this run.

We will be travelling through some spectacular scenery on this run, some wonderfully curvy backroads. Through rainforest with bellbirds, through open countryside following waterways, even some iconic Australian Bush Mountains

Fri 20th
Our starting point is in Tenterfield where we will be meeting at
The Tenterfield Bowling Motor Inn, 77 Molesworth st.
We have 14 rooms available $110.
Continental, Breakfast included.

Dinner available at the club.
After dinner we can take off our shoes and have a free game of barefoot bowls. Who’s with me? Anyone know how to play?


Sat 21st Tenterfield to Kyogle

9am Tenterfield Train Museum, 9 Railway Ave. $7.50 entry
10am drive to Mount MacKenzie Lookout,
1km hard dirt section.
10am Tenterfield saddler,
123 High Street.

The town is yours to go and explore there are places of interest you may want to visit, before we start on our run over to Woodenbong for lunch.
10.30am Marshalling for departure. corner of High st and Logan st.
If visiting the saddler parking is best at marshalling area, and walking the 50meter, as space in front is limited.


Buffett lunch at Woodenbong Hotel,

27 Unumgar st 02 66351275
$18 Mixed Grill BBQ with salad, under negotiation
wouldnt it it be nice to be able to see all MX5 cars lined up instead.

Checking in Commercial Hotel Kyogle,
97-101 summerland way. We have 13 rooms held for us, all with their own bathrooms, I’m hoping the single drivers, {John Spick and Ross Burns } can double up for the night.
Rooms- ensuite double rooms $90 per night
2 twin ensuite rooms $90 per night
2 family rooms sleeps 4 $140 per night
pub rooms with shared bathroom range from $50 - $80 per night

Dinner booked for 6pm, 26 people.
Wendy our Chef has come up with a set Menu for us to order from, at really good prices.

• ROAST BEEF with  Roast Potato & Pumpkin & Veg & Gravy GF $18.00
• HOUSE MADE CHICKEN SCHNITZEL with choice of Chips & Salad or Chips & Veg$22.00
• PANKO CRUMBED FLATHEAD with choice of Chips & Salad or Chips & Veg $22.00
• PUMPKIN, SPINACH & PINENUT RAVIOLI with Parmesan CheeseV$18.00

• HOUSE MADE STICKY DATE PUDDING with Butterscotch Sauce & Ice cream $8.00
• WAFFLES with Maple Syrup & Ice cream $8.00
• MUD CAKE with Ice cream $8.00
• LEMON & LIME CHEESE CAKE with Ice cream GF $8.00

2 bowling lanes are booked for after dinner 7.30pm, 2 games ea, at $10 p/p 

There is a common area available upstairs.


Sun 22nd Kyogle to Aratula

Now this is the reason the run was written up, David had never driven over the lions road before, I had, as a truck driving furniture removalist, there isn’t much call for this road.
So here we go, over the hills and back into Qld, I hope everyone has their passports ready. I’d really hoped to of found out about a train coming through using the loop, but the timing was either way too early or way to late.

So lets start our day off with a 50 meter stroll downhill to Dave’s Bakehouse, for our Bacon and Egg breakfast or grab something lighter.
This is also a chance to grab something for our morning tea stop. Remember to pack your take away coffee cups.
Departure 9.30/10am


Lunch at Aratula Hotel Motel 54638100
6841 Cunningham Hwy, Aratula
Ordering off the menu. Table booked 26 people approx.


Now this maybe where some of you will say goodbye and head on your way home, and that’s ok, but let me entice you with our way home, firstly up over The Gap, then we take The Ceder Route, coming out at Spring Creek, heading up the New England Hwy before heading home.

Hope I’ve encouraged a few of you to join us for our September Run.

Now if you are interested in joining us R.S.V.P.
Queen 👑 Col. On or
0419 789 601

Allan Ryan and Col. Anderson
Darling Downs MX5 Chapter

Dipping your toes in NSW

Darling Downs Chapter, September 20th  to 22nd  2019. Tenterfield, Kyogle, Aratula and home to our own beds.

We started our run in the old fashion way of driving to meet and have lunch at “Floating Café” in Grantham. This just happens to be where our Queen Col lives. I can’t say too much, as I went to her house, dumped my gear in her car; I was then chauffeured driven for the weekend.

Alan and Dale drove out from Redcliffe, and joined as for a light lunch, at Floating cafe, that was until Alan saw the Chocolate éclair.

Leaving Grantham, we travelled through Ma Ma Creek, Heifer Creek Road, to Allora. A small detour was taken, through Allora. So we could meet up with John at the Big Arches, in Warwick. Alan took the opportunity, to grab an ice cream.

After a car park meeting, it was decided to go to Stanthorpe via Old Stanthorpe Road, 6kl of dirt. John said, “Not Happy Jan”, and then went through Dalveen to get back on the New England Hwy. On towards Stanthorpe, where I gave a quick commentary on my grandparents; where they lived and married, where my mother was born.

Driving onwards, towards Tenterfield, via Sugarloaf Road, Eukey Road to Ballandean and then back on the New England Hwy.

Arriving at the Tenterfield bowling club. This has its own “Motor Inn” accommodation.

Meeting up with the rest of the cars, Diane and Denis Kelly {DD’s} from Brisbane, Ross and his friend Jan.

Queen Col was busy washing our cars after finding a bucket of water and squeegee outside her room.

Dinner was arranged, with a free game of Barefoot Bowls. Five flavours of cheese cake were offered and sticky date, with ice cream. What did you have Alan?

There was a lot of talking and laughter, but no bowls. It was considered to be too cold outside. All this was just so we could get to our starting point, in Tenterfield.


Day Two 

Tenterfield to Kyogle


Up with the sparrows, for some of us. Off to the markets to check out the local produced. While the rest, slept in.

Paul and Jenny Guy, from Warwick, joined us for the day. This gave us a party of 6 x MX5’s with eleven Members.

The day started with a drive to the “Mount Mackenzie Lookout”, which took us up through the Reserve. With a side track through a local sheep farm. No lambs were hurt during this production, although we do have some kiwi travelling in the group. All of us agreed it was a picturesque view.

Back into town for a refuel, and some cars got a top up too.

Nothing like a hot muffin, raspberries and white chocolate, sitting with the sun on your back. Thanks John.

MX 5s were on the road again off to see what there is to see.

Travelling towards Drake, going through Timbarra area. Along the Bruxner Hwy. The drive took us past the burn-out forest. After many phone calls, Col was able to establish that the roads were open. The fires were still smouldering, fire truck still working. You could smell the burnt forest, going along the Tabulam Road, Clarence Way, through Bonalbo, Old Bonalbo, to Urbenville. We then drove to Woodenbong for lunch.

Lunch was off the menu board. Everyone enjoyed their meals.

It doesn’t pay to order first, sometimes the trainee chef losses your order, ha Jenny.

After lunch our drive took us through the Tooloom State forest. Where we bid farewell to Jenny and Paul Guy and wished them safe travels. I am sure that they must have known what we were in for. I learnt a new word, Spinal Bump; around some of those tracks, not roads. I am glad Bella, was at Col’s place.

Coming back through Urbenville to Woodenbong, on to the Mount Lindesay Road and arriving in Kyogle, for the night.

All sorted out in our rooms, ready to play, ten pin bowls. A few drinks, a good meal. This time straight into the bowls before, we started talking. Dessert and drink in hand, off we went.

First game, girls against boys, ya the girls won. Second game, who cares!!!!

Day 3

 Kyogle to Aratula

Sunday morning in Kyogle was a bit crisp but you would still find the diehards out and about town. Some of the party rolled down to Dave’ Café for breakfast. Other member were happy having tea and toast in the hotel communal area.

The hotel car park was the marshalling area. Alan and Dale were in for a surprise! When they came down birds had attacked their car. The story goes; don’t park your car in the open, hide it amongst the rest.

Off on our travels, up the hotel back lane the wrong way. Once again we left John behind. We turned left; he went right, took the DD’s with him. We drove down the main street to show off our MX5’s and caught up to the way wood “Wanda.”

Travelling up the Summerland Way towards the Lions Rd, going from NSW to Queensland. Stopping at the Boarder Loop for morning tea. With a photo opp.

Ross missed the turn off to Aratula so we had our first U- turn for the run.

John missed our turn off for Moogerah Dam taking the DD’S and Ross with him, giving us our second U- turn for the run. They informed us it was intentional, as the obligatory U- turns hadn’t been executed as of yet.

On to Aratula, via Rathdowney, Moogerah Dam and Mount Alford.

Lunch was at the Aratula Hotel, some people almost missed the entrance. Or were they just practicing in the loose dirt, for ‘Skid Pans’ next week. Donuts in the car park before you had a drink.

After saying our “Good Bye’s” at Aratula, John, Ross and Queen Col left for Toowoomba, final run home. We travelled over The Gap, turning right at Gladfield onto the Goomburra Road. All was travelling well, until that enviable 3rd  U-turn. At the North Branch Road, Inverramsay Road and Goomburra Road, intersection. Good one Queen Col.

A big thank you to our Chapter Leader Alan and Queen Col for putting this run together. I take All Care but No responsibility for the mistakes incurred in this article.

Mother Teresa.