here is the clubs new google drive, to be used for downloading information only.

You will still have to send me the information, for me to put into google drive, my email address is:

thanks to all Steve.



please click on button below to access the clubs new google drive


Here is a copy of this website in it entirety in a PDF file, which can be downloaded to your desk top computer, pad, or mobile phone. The benefits of this are:

  • Click on sections of interest to you.

  • Help you locate what you are looking for quickly.

  • Can be fun, not having to navigate the whole website, if not sure what section, to look for of interest to you.

  • Everything you are looking for would now be easy to find, meaning you may use more often, than trying to navigate the full website.

  • Click on button below to download the PDF, make sure you have the current Adobe Reader on your computer.

  • A super highway of viewable / downloadable information.