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nat meet 18 Barossa valley information

Here Is Opening Information For NATMEET 2018 Held Barossa Valley.

To everyone registered or previously registered for NATMEET 2018,

 There is now only eight months remaining to NATMEET 2018 in the Barossa Valley. Most people who have registered have paid their deposit but there are still some outstanding. If there is any confusion regarding the method of payment please follow the instructions below. We all look forward to sharing our beautiful countryside with you in the Barossa Valley and adjacent wine districts of the Adelaide Hills and the Clare Valley.

 The initial overwhelming enthusiasm for this event has now diminished somewhat as deposits have become due. Through generous sponsorship and your feedback we have made every attempt to consolidate this event making it more affordable without compromising the quality of your stay. We kindly request anyone who was deterred by the waiting list or is not aware of the reduced cost to seriously reconsider attending next year’s NATMEET.

 It’s worth noting that our event is over six days which is a little longer than previous Natmeets and we believe that at $500.00 per person is very good value. It compares well with the daily cost of the previous Natmeet which ran over four days and incurred ferry costs from the mainland. We understand it’s a long way to travel to SA and a shorter stay may also have deterred potential visitors. Costs also include coffee and lunches for three of the days so you won’t have to dig deep while on excursions. To ensure your safety and enjoyment bus transfers are also included for the dinners at Seppeltsfield and the Vine Inn.

Should you require any further information on NATMEET 2018, or any other information from the MX5 Club of South Australia, please click on this COLOURED TEXT this will take you straight to the MX5 Club of South Australia Website.