Our next Trackday is on Monday 15th May 2017. 

                          Location: Queensland Raceway, Willowbank near Ipswich

It's an afternoon event. On track 1-4:30pm

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         Track Configuration



Our next event will be at the "Paperclip", the venue of choice for many drivers, due to its open design, fast straights, variety of turns and generous run-off areas. It’s a great venue to have your first go at track, and if you are a novice you can start with a group of similar drivers. When you are ready, you promote yourself through the groups, so you get the cleanest drive. Fast or slow, one thing is for sure:  you will have a great day.

For the uninitiated, this is NOT a race day. It’s an opportunity to improve your driving skills and stretch your car’s legs in a controlled, purpose built environment. It’s you versus the clock, driving within your comfort zone, as part of a small group of like minded enthusiasts, travelling at a similar speed. It’s also a great place to catch up with old friends, or make a few new ones.

MX-5 Club track days are really well organised, affordable, always entertaining, and there are opportunities for non-members and other makes to participate. Visit the Motor Sports Page for more information about how to get on track with us, or contact the Compsec.

Enquiries to the Competition Secretary, Adam Shipway or telephone 0406 780 808 AH only please.

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