Here is the clubs show US YOUR CAR PAGE, THE PURPOSE FOR this page, is to show case mx5's with any modifications, for our club members to view.


David Sternberg's MX-5 Modification

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Concourse Winning 1995 NA8 modifies mx-5 at nat meet 2014 Caloundra                                                        owner:  brian hegerty


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Blue Chilli 1990 Mazda MX-5 NA6 (225HP ATW

Owner Brian Hegerty

 Engine: 1600cc racing engine- forged internals with standard cams. At 15 lbs of boost the   engine delivered 225 HP at the wheel. 

Turbo:lntercooled Garrett T25 with AVO Manifold, AVO header and dump pipe

Engine Management System: Microtech LT8 with TurboSmart Boost Controller. Tuned by Mazfix

 Oil Cooler: 8 x 6" Centre front mount

Gearbox: 5 speed manual 2003

Suspension: BC Racing coil overs 8kg front and 6kg rear springs, White Line Sway bars with adjustable links. Extended lower ball joints

 Diff:Torsen limited slip 4.1:1

Brakes: Front- Wilwood 4 piston Dynapro callipers with 11.75 ap Racing Jhook rotors and Hawk DTC60 pads. Rear - Wilwood 4 piston Powerlite callipers with 11" slotted rotors and BP40 pads Stainless Steellines and Wilwood proportioning valve

 Wheels:949 Racing 15x9" 6UL with +36mm offset with Hankook Ventus 225x45R15

 Bracing: Engine. diff and floor bracing - custom Exhaust:2 3/4" 1 in 2 out custom sports Interior: 2003 NB.

Roll Bar: MX-5 Plus double loop,

 Paint: Ford 2004 Blueprint Blue

 Lakeside Lap Time:65 sec