EARLY NOTICE Which is also on the CALENDAR for AUGUST (DATES TO BE ADVISED)....... QMeet18

GOING to NATMEET18 or NOT GOING to NATMEET18 - that is the Question?

Regardless of the answer you may be interested in partaking in the inaugural QMeet18 - a winter getaway to the Capricornia Region in August 2018.

This is an opportunity to share good times, great roads and special events in the company of fellow MX5er's. The event is to be designed for MX5 Club Qld members, but you never know..... word may get out!

QMeet18 is planned for August 2018, 5 days of fun and leisure based in the Rockhampton Region.

Stay tuned for further updates as details are developed. Make sure your reserve your place when nominations are called for later this year.