The Tracks

The Competition Format

The MX5CQ conducts 5 or 6 Sprint events each year, run at Lakeside Park, Queensland Raceway or Morgan Park. This is NOT a race day. It’s an opportunity to improve your driving skills in a controlled, purpose built environment. It’s you versus the clock, driving within your comfort zone, as part of a small group of 10-12 like-minded enthusiasts, travelling at a similar speed.


Who can participate?

MX5CQ track days are primarily designed for our club members to legally stretch the legs of their road registered MX-5s, in a safe, relaxed environment. We also welcome non-members driving MX-5s and other makes. The critical requirements are that you play nice, and your vehicle paces comfortably with MX-5s. You don’t need experience, and we provide a friendly learning environment. If you’d like to join us, contact the Compsec to discuss the options.


Notes on Safety equipment

Scrutineering for class compliance or safety items is not conducted at Lakeside or QR events, though any vehicle thought to be unsafe will be excluded. Independent scrutineering is conducted at Morgan Park events. It is the responsibility of participants to prepare and present their car in a safe-to-drive-at-speed condition, and in accordance with any applicable CAMS regulations.

  • Fitting of an approved Fire Extinguisher is mandatory for CAMS events

  • Fitting of approved Roll Bars is encouraged.

  • Drivers and passengers of open cockpit cars must wear an AS1698 approved full face helmet, with visor fitted and down.

  • The use of a HANS device is encouraged if you are using a race type harness and race seat.

  • Drivers and passengers must wear neck-to-wrist-to-ankle non-flammable clothing, and enclosed shoes whilst on track. Gloves are recommended. A low cost driving suit is a good investment for trackdays.

The club has prepared a checklist to help you prepare you car. Note: This is CAMS scrutineering list but represents the minimum standard you should aim for.

Licensing (to drive on track)


Lakeside and Queensland Raceway

QR and Lakeside Track Days are run under the RACERS insurance arrangements, organized by Queensland Raceways Pty Ltd. To participate in these events you will need to purchase a RACERS License: Clubman or higher ($65+). For more information about RACERS please click here.

Morgan Park
Morgan Park Sprints are run by a CAMS affiliated club. To participate at Morgan Park you will need a CAMS Motorsport License: L2S or higher ($120+). For more information contact CAMS Queensland (07) 3850 2400


CTP Insurance Extensions a.k.a. Rally Insurance

There is ongoing debate about the need to obtain CTP Insurance Extensions for events conducted on Queensland Raceways premises, and a definitive legal opinion is unlikely to be provided by relevant authorities anytime soon. For this reason, the Club advises that a CTP extension be obtained for Queensland Registered cars, covering the day of QR or Lakeside events. The Club will no longer be collecting CTP Letters at event registration. The onus is on you to obtain the CTP Insurance Extension. Doing so is for your own protection. A CTP Cover is required for Morgan Park events.


Motorsport Championship Point Scoring

The Point Scoring Scheme has been revised to better reflect how our events have run during the previous 3 years. Specifically, the rounds at QR and Morgan Park are divided into two “mini-events”, reflecting driving performances on different circuit configurations. The total number of points available on any day has been doubled, solely for mathematical convenience. Final points for the year will be calculated from the best six results.

Club members are awarded points based on Published Results, as follows:

The Competition Secretary reserves the right to vary the point scoring scheme if necessary e.g. due to session cancellation.



Motorsport Competition Awards will be based on whole-of-year performance, participation and sportsmanship. Awards will be for each Class contested,
and Overall Champion.