What does the MX-5 Club of Qld do?

Our members enjoy diverse types of activities. We cater for all tastes. Our Club activities combine a variety of motorsport events with social drives, social (inexpensive) dining, driver training, picnics and weekends away with people who enjoy driving their cars. Technical information nights are also arranged to help you meet new members and perhaps understand your car a little bit better.

If you want to know more on how the Club operates, then take the time to check out the Club Rules and By Laws.

There are links to the Rules and By-Laws at the bottom of this page.

What type of person joins the MX-5 Club of Qld?

At present we have about 220 “cars” as members whose proud owners range in age from early 20’s to late 70’s and whose interests vary greatly covering social, technical, and sporting! Consequently, there are many people to whom you will immediately relate to.

What’s in it for me?

About every 6-8 weeks, you will receive a magazine entitled “Rag-Top Review,” which contains all the goings-on within the Club and the latest information about the MX-5 from Australia and around the world.

Members also receive discounts on parts and service for their MX-5 and discounts at other various locations & businesses (not just automotive). Please see our Sponsors Page.

Also, members can participate in Club events such as driver training and Track Days at “Club” prices.

MX5 Club of Queensland Rules and By Laws

To view and download a copy of the club’s rules  Click On This Link To View