Allocation of POINTS for the MX-5 Club Qld Car Enthusiast Events

Hopefully it’ll be something for everyone.  Our old Sprint Competition has now been extended to include Autocross, Motorkhana, Hill Climb, Regularity, Happy Laps and 3 Motor Enthusiast Displays.  These events are now run on weekends as well as week days.

Our 2018 events have no mention of NA, NB, NC, ND & Other makes.

You will compete in car Classes from 1600 cc and under to Race.  (Please refer to: ‘MX-5 Club Classes 2018’ under the Motorsport section)  Each class winner will get an end of year trophy.  There will be 9 in all and WON’T be MX-5 Exclusive!!

Regularity: (For a complete explanation please refer to ‘Regularity Competition 2018’ under the Motorsport section) Where official timing is available i.e. QR & LS, I will gather the time sheets and apportion points to each driver in their particular Class.  We will continue this standard format alongside a Regularity Speed Format plus attendance points for all 15 Car Enthusiast Events.  There will be 100 points for attendance at each event plus additional points for competing. Your accumulated points for 2 Regularity runs may look like this: 100 (attendances points) + 15 + 14 = 129 Total.

Regularity Speed Format: Cars will be grouped in Class – fastest to the front – for safety sake.  Points will be awarded to each vehicle according to the difference between the fastest and slowest lap time (I.e. Tslow – Tfast)  Highest points will be allocated to the lowest number of seconds.  15 points for 1st in Class, 14 for 2nd to 0 for last place.  To score the points each driver will have to give me (at the track or e-mail later) the Tslow – Tfast for each run.  The out lap is NOT included.  I will gather this information and apportion points to each driver in their particular Class. Your accumulated points for 5 runs may look like this: 100 + 15 + 12+ 14 + 14 + 13 = 168.  You are only competing against drivers in your Class.  Your competitors may not all be in your run group.

I will bring dummy ‘Driver in Class’ scoring sheets to our Track Days so they can be perused at your leisure.

NOTE: In either Regularity format, electronic and mechanical timing aids will NOT be permitted. They will have to be taped over, turned off or surrendered before going on track.

Hopefully you are now getting the picture.  It doesn’t matter how fast your car is.  The competition revolves around participation and how well you drive. 

Standard and Speed Regularity can be adapted to any track depending on what computer timing formats is available.

Other MX-5 Club Sanctioned Events on the Program: 100 Points are also allocated for the following six (6) Inter Club Challenge (ICC) Events + Cams Motorsport Expo (Feb 25 Norwell Motorplex), McLean’s Bridge (27 May – Belmont Rifle Range) and David Hack Classic – cars & warbirds (May 20 Spitfire St Toowoomba Airport).  Mark Fry will be organising 2 x Happy Laps and Breakfast sessions at Lakeside (Sat May 12) and QR (Sat Aug 25).  To get these points please send a group photo or selfie with an appropriate background i.e. event banner or display etc.