Car Enthusiast Events 2018

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Please come and support our Club. 27 may 2018


Our MX-5 Club will be on Show and presenting a display of all MX-5 Models and race cars at this year’s Mclean's Bridge. 

This event forms part of the 2018 Car Enthusiast Events.  100 Points are available to those forming part of the display and Club members visiting Mclean's Bridge. 

All you have to do is send me Brian Hegerty ( a Selfie with our car display in the background.  Enjoy!!!

Note: Gordon Cunningham will be organising Club members on the day.  Please contact Gordon at or Ph: 0481 037 278 to arrange your entry.

Mac's Bridge at Belmont - 2018


This year Mac's Bridge will be held at:   Queensland Rifle Association Belmont Range,  Click On Blue Text This Is The Google Map 1485 Old Cleveland Road, BELMONT QLD

 When : 27 May, 2018 from 7.30am  to 1 pm

This will be the third year at Queensland Rifle Association Belmont Range.

Entry fee change – Display car plus Driver and 1 Passenger – $15  (extra passengers  - $10, so maximum of $25)

Visitors (including parking) $10 per vehicle.

Food and drinks available for purchase on the day


Brian Hegerty


Mob: 0411 288 002